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Artisan Cacao Buttons - 74% Cacao Criollo - Venezuela


Cacao Artisan Gourmet.
Our Single Origin Venezuelan Cacao have ancestral knowledge. The Criollo Cacao name The King of Cacao is the most famous variety. The Venezuelan Criollo Cacao is recognized as of high quality, reserved for creating the finest chocolates.

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(Buttons CACAO 100% PURE)



Our Specialty Cacao Venezuelan Single Origin cocoa named “Criollo” contains 100% pure cocoa paste; free from artificially preservatives, sweeteners and colourful, gluten-free, milk-free, nuts free, gmo-free, vegan friendly, and no added sugar. To summarise the splendid characteristics of Venezuelan Cocoa with notes of red fruits. The delicious flavour of this Cocoa stems from the fruity and intense Venezuelan Cocoa essence while the rich brown colour further adds to its aesthetics.
the Venezuelan Cocoa can feasibly be used in the preparation of delicious Chocolate bars, Bombons confections, cupcakes, cereals, chocolate creams, Hot Chocolate. Our Venezuelan Cocoa is highly recommended for a simple hot chocolate at home or to people who wish to produce high-end chocolates exclusively manufactured from the high aromatic quality and varietal origins.

Nutritional Information: Typical values(per 100g)
Energy 606 Kcal
Protein 13,44 g
Carbohydrates 10,29 g
(of which sugar) 1,56 g
Fat 53,00 g
(of which saturates) 33,26 g
Fibre 19,96 g
Salt <0,0125 g

Instructions: Add in your hot chocolate maker or in a pan 200ml of your preference milk and add around 8 teaspoons of hot chocolate(depending on your personal taste).

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