Before I delve into the real deal of interest, I would like to shed some light on what the word "sustainability," which has been used as a buzzword lately, really means! Let me break the ice for you, so sustainability implies the maintenance of an ecological balance in the atmosphere by avoiding and preventing the depletion of natural resources by all means. In easier words, it is centered around the ability to meet our own needs without depleting the needs of our future generations. It is not to exploit the natural resources or turn blind to your children or their children or their grandchildren while meeting your own needs. Sustainability is beneficial for the ecosystem as it also provides added benefits to us by significantly improving the quality of our lives preserving the re-useable resources for the generations that are yet to come. When it comes to the corporate world, sustainability is centered around the holistic approach by an organization and taking everything into account, ranging from customer service to logistics to manufacturing.  
In addition, sustainability supports the wellbeing of individuals and the communities around them. The benefits of sustainability are numerous as it not only ensures a better economy but also promotes an ecosystem that has significantly reduced pollution and waste, lesser emissions, more employment opportunities, and a better distribution of wealth and resources. 

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In PIUAROMA we take serious our Planet, Our Packaging are 100% Recycable and our Bags are 100% Bio.  

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