What's so great about our coffee beans, anyway? 
If you love coffee as much as we love coffee, you might understand why we like to tell everyone we meet about our delicious, single-origin Colombian coffee beans. Whether you start the day with a coffee or top up with a visit to the grinder every few hours, you'll know that the struggle to find great-tasting coffee beans is real. 
Our Arabica coffee beans offer a unique, gourmet and excelso coffee flavour to all homes and businesses across the UK. We want to share the best-tasting coffee beans we've ever tried with you, so why not order a bag today? 

Sustainability matters 

We place huge importance on ensuring that all of our coffee beans are 'green' beans, sourced responsibly from sustainable sources, and ensuring that all farmers get a fair day's pay for a fair day's work. Our fresh coffee beans are sourced directly from the farms in and around Armenia in Quindio, Colombia. All of our coffee beans are sown in sandy loam, volcanic in origin, at a height of 1260 metres above sea level. No chemicals are used when our farmers grow our beans: this is coffee with natural fertilizer only. 
The efforts we make to ensure that our coffee beans are grown safely and sustainably means that you can enjoy high-quality coffee every morning with a clear conscience. And so can we. 

Premium taste 

Of course, none of this matters if our coffee doesn't taste fantastic. Luckily for both of us, it does. Our freshly roasted coffee beans offer richness and smoothness in a single cup, delighting both new coffee aficionados and experienced connoisseurs in equal amounts. This is a single-origin premium gourmet coffee, freshly roasted to deliver a quick coffee hit morning, afternoon, or evening. We've hand-picked these beans for your satisfaction, and we promise you won't be disappointed with the way these beans taste. 
But good coffee isn't just about the beans. It's also about the way we roast and store your beans before you buy them. If you want to try high-quality coffee beans that can be ground for lattés, cappuccinos, macchiatos, or just a simple cup of good quality coffee - try our beans today and you'll understand why we're so excited about them. 

Get in touch 

Would you like to know more about our premium gourmet coffee beans, or would you like to order a sample for your café or home? We sell 1kg bags of coffee beans wholesale or 250g bags for the home, so you can try our great tasting Single-Origin Colombian coffee for yourself. 
To find out more about our coffee beans, including where they come from and why we've chosen them, call us today to get in touch. We'd be happy to answer all of your questions about our high-quality premium coffee beans and offer our advice and recommendations for how to prepare the perfect cup of coffee with our beans. Let's talk! 
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