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Cacao Buttons - 100% Cacao Criollo - Ecuador


· Origin of the beans: Cocoa beans from Ecuador
· Appearance: Solid pieces at 20°C / Liquid at 45°C
· Flavour: Intense and fruity flavour characteristic of Ecuador cocoa
· Colour: Brown

Eating directly; in the preparation of 100% chocolate bars, chocolate to the cup, cakes, ice creams, chocolate creams, beers, topping in ice cream, yogurts, drinks, cereals, mueslis and granolas, also in the elaboration of protein smoothies, fitness desserts, signature sauces, in masses for cakes, biscuits and cookies, endless options …

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for those chocolatiers who want to start from cocoa paste in the production of high-end chocolates that require special varietal origins and high aromatic quality.

Cocoa paste 100% (In Pieces)
Deffatted Cocoa powder produced from roasting, griding and pressing cocoa beans

Energy value: 579.60 Kcal / 2425.05 Kj – Fats: 52g – Of which saturated:33.30g – Carbohydrates:7.4g – Of which sugars:1.0g – Proteins:12.50g – Salt:3.30g

Does not Contain added sugar



100% cacao from Ecuador refers to chocolate made entirely from cocoa solids with no added sugar or other ingredients. Ecuador is known for producing some of the world's finest cacao beans, with a distinct flavor profile that includes floral and fruity notes.

Cacao beans are harvested from the cacao tree and then roasted to develop their flavor. After roasting, the beans are ground into a paste, known as cocoa liquor. This cocoa liquor can be further processed into chocolate bars or other chocolate products.

When chocolate is labeled as 100% cacao, it means that it contains only cocoa solids and no added sugar or other ingredients. This type of chocolate is also commonly referred to as unsweetened chocolate or baking chocolate.

Ecuadorian 100% cacao chocolate is often praised for its complex and intense flavor, with notes of dried fruit, nuttiness, and floral undertones. It is commonly used in baking and cooking, as well as enjoyed on its own by chocolate lovers who appreciate its unique flavor profile.
The Ecuador-origin cacao is Manufactured from 100% pure cocoa paste with intense strong notes of cocoa, free from artificial preservatives, sweeteners and colourful.
Cacao production in America has existed for many centuries, even before the Spaniards’ arrival. Beginning in the late eighteenth century, cacao became a strategic commodity in Ecuadorian life. In 1779, the country went through its first major cacao boom, which carried on until around 1842. Some authors even state that cacao was the economic driver that helped finance two great moments in national history: Independence and the Liberal Revolution.

Until the late nineteenth century, fertile soil conditions and temperatures, as well as the adequate rainfall on the Ecuadorian coast, made for an ideal setting for producing the finest cacao in the world with excellent levels of productivity: this was known as National Cacao.

Vegan friendly, no sugar added.
Enjoy for as a healthy snack, melt if you fancy a fullbody hot chocolate or as a dip for your strawberries. For inspiration recipes sing up our newsletters.

Instructions: Add in your hot chocolate maker or in a pan 200ml of your preferred milk and add around 8 teaspoons of hot chocolate(depending on your personal taste).

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