January, 2022 – PIUAROMA, a global sustainable and social Cocoa, Coffee and Tea company, today announced a partnership with Chamos.org that aims to supporting education and healthcare projects. For every pack (250gr) of select cocoa and hot chocolate purchased, PIUAROMA will donate a percent of our profit . 
We’re excited for the opportunity to work with Chamos on such an social impactful project, we will start this initiative to supporting education and healthcare local community-focused organisations to provide hope and opportunities to children and young acroos country. 
7 million Venezuelans are in need of humanitarian aid, some of the most vulnerable in this crisis are the country’s children. An entire generation is at risk of being left behind. In Venezuela 97% of houses have food insecurity, 82% of the population lack continuous access to water, 40% of children in school do not attend. 
Chamos improves the wellbeing of children in Venezuela by supporting education and healthcare projects.We invest in these two interconnected areas that are so key to children’s development, working with local, community-focused organisations to provide dignity, hope and opportunities to children across the country. 
7 million Venezuelans are in need of humanitarian aid, we are so proud to get involve in social programs. 
Educational opportunitie, we providing children and young people with developmental opportunities - both in and outside of the classroom - to help them achieve their full potential. 
Medical assistance, supporting local community healthcare projects - to reduce malnutrition, improve access to care in remote 
areas, and provide resources and equipment. 
Water sanitation and higiene, Supplying our local partners and the communities in which they work with sanitation resources, and infrastructure to ensure the supply of clean, safe water. 
PIUAROMA, based in LONDON City, is a sustainable Beverage company. Since inception, we’ve balanced purpose and profit, with a focus on buy directly from the Farmers and sale High Quality Beverage. Technology and hand assembly come together to make each good (cocoa, chocolate, coffee and tea) of PIUAROMA artisan, gourmet, luxury, and sustainable products. For any tube pack(250gr) of seleted Cocoas purchased, we donate a portage of our profit to Chamos Charity in order to provide hope and opportunities to children and young educational program in Venezuela. To learn more, visit www.piuaroma.com 
About Chamos 
Chamos was founded in 2007, with the initial aim of raising funds in the UK to improve infrastructure in schools, bridging the achievement gap for children living in under-resourced situations.The complex humanitarian crisis that has devastated the country in recent years, disproportionately affecting children, caused us to widen our approach. We now focus on two areas, health and education, and continue to support our local partners in the work they do to improve outcomes for children in these areas. In 2019, we became a registered charity in Spain, widening our scope for raising funds and awareness. Our teams in both countries now work closely together to carry out our charitable activities. To learn more please visit https://www.chamos.org.uk/pages/about-us 

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