A History of Venezuelan Coffee 
Here at PIUAROMA, we take our coffee seriously. So seriously that we look beyond traditional borders to find you a caffeinated drink that you won't locate elsewhere. This is why we bring you 100% arabica coffee, straight from single origin in Venezuela. 
Reasons why Venezuela coffee is the Best in the World! 
Venezuela isn't well known for its coffee, but anyone who knows a little more about it claims that its the best in the world. 
Why is this? 
Venezuelan caturra coffee is grown in the country's mountains, which sit fairly high above sea level. This adds to favourable conditions for the coffee's growth. It is then dried naturally in African-style bed. This is rich minerals land, and many of the coffee beans are taken directly from the farm. 
Warm climate 
The nation also makes use of a tropical climate to grow its coffee beans. While the high-altitude locations are cooler, the tropical climate adds precipitation and humidity, ultimately creating the perfect bean. Coffee makers also use a natural fertiliser that doesn't impact the taste. 
When did people start exporting coffee in Venezuela? 
People started exporting high-quality coffee from this nation all the way back to 1710 - and they were drinking coffee here much earlier. However, it's not well known at all in the global community. In fact, it makes under 1% of the coffee in the world! 
Who first grew coffee? 
It was European colonisers who first tried to grow coffee in Venezuela and other countries. You'll find coffee plantations all over South America and the Caribbean. The Jesuits, people who travelled to the country to convert people to Christianity, colonised the country and opened coffee plantations. 
When Venezuela and other South American countries became independent, they held on to their coffee industries. It became an integral part of economic recovery, a reliable business that some countries could hold on. 
However, Venezuela has been more of a victim of war and violence than other countries in the region. This is perhaps why Venezuelan coffee hasn't become quite as popular as Colombian, Nicaraguan or Costa Rican varieties. 
However, now you know that Venezuelan coffee is the best in the world, we think it's probably a good idea for you to try some, right? You can browse all of our delicious single-origin speciality coffee on PIUAROMA, where we sell and export different coffees. Try our artisan and handmade selection with notes of chocolate and papelon or our green beans. We guarantee you'll find a bean that you love! 
For every 3 Venezuelan Single - Origin Coffee purchase we will Plant One Tree in South America, be part of this amazing initiative 
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